How Music Can Help With Autism Spectrum Disorder

June 22, 2022

Music therapy is a well-established technique involving musical interaction to help individuals with cognitive and emotional challenges overcome difficulties. This therapy has been shown to benefit those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as a music therapist can help them build skills, lower anxiety, and possibly develop communication skills. At Casa Speech and Development Services, we aim to assist those with Autism in improving their cognitive abilities through fun and interactive musical methods. Read on to learn more, and contact us today for more information on our services!

If you are interested in Music Therapy to help an individual with autism in your life, it is important to find a board-certified therapist for the ultimate experience. Our music therapists at CASA are board-certified professionals who have experience working with children who have developmental disabilities. We provide music therapy sessions in a 1:1 or group environment to meet the needs of patients of all ability levels.

Find a Board Certified Music Therapist

Music therapy may help individuals with autism improve in various aspects of life including communication, social skills, sensory issues, behavior, cognition, perceptual/motor skills, self-reliance, and self-determination. Music therapists aim to find musical experiences that interest and engage an individual, building a personal connection and trust along the way.
Music therapy has also been shown to help those with sensory issues overcome sound sensitivities or individual differences in auditory processing.

How Music Therapy May Help

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder are often responsive to music because it is motivating and engaging. Often used as a natural reinforcer for a desired response, music is associated with a particular goal as an individual works their way towards building certain skills.

Why Music Works 

Music therapy aims to help those with autism with a plan suited to their individual needs. After assessing the strengths and needs of a person, a music therapist will develop a treatment plan to improve cognitive or physical functions. A variety of music and techniques are used throughout the process, exposing individuals to a constant stream of interactions and fun ways to grow in their abilities.

What Will a Music Therapist Do for a Person With Autism?

Music therapy can highly change a person with autism's life for the better. At Casa Speech and Development Services, we aim to change the lives of those on the spectrum with our services suited towards developing skills and abilities. Contact us or visit our website today for more information! 

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